View-Warped Multi-View Soft Shadows for Local Area Lights


Rendering soft shadows cast by dynamic objects in real-time with few visual artifacts is challenging to achieve. We introduce a new algorithm for local light sources that exhibits fewer artifacts than fast single-view approximations, and is faster than high quality multi-view solutions. Inspired by layered depth images, image warping, and point-based rendering, our algorithm traverses complex occluder geometry once and creates an optimized multi-view point cloud as a proxy. We then render many depth maps simultaneously on graphics hardware using GPU Compute. By significantly reducing the time spent producing depth maps, our solution presents a new alternative for applications that cannot yet afford the most accurate methods, but strive for higher quality shadows than possible with common approximations.

Journal of Computer Graphics Techniques

Images produced from this work won an Honorable Mention in North Carolina States University’s 2016 Research Image Contest.


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